12 Sustainable Gift Ideas from Small Local Businesses in UAE

12 Sustainable Gift Ideas from Small Local Businesses in UAE

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes feel like searching for a hidden treasure. But what if we told you that the most meaningful presents come with a story, a touch of personalization, and the added bonus of supporting small local businesses right here in the UAE? Dive into our curated list of 12 sustainable gift ideas that promise not only to delight those special people in your life but also to make a positive impact on our local community and environment:


A unique eco-friendly gift for everyone

This unique upcycling studio is owned by Christine Iris Wilson who uses reclaimed leather, lifejackets, car airbags, and even cork to make handbags, pouches, and dog leashes. Her most recent head-turning idea is her signature aeroplane handbag, made using recycled aircraft materials from Etihad Airline!

If your special one loves getting creative, you could gift them the ‘DIY Upcycling Design Kit’ which comes with a workshop that teaches how to design and create your own tote bag.

Visit Peahead.eco’s website to buy directly or check them out on Instagram for updates on new products!


A local minimalist jewellery brand in UAE

Elevated minimalism is the perfect way to describe this stunning piece of jewellery made from Recycled Silver & Gold by architect-turned-jewellery-designer, Andreea Andres. With a focus on ‘quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption’ and jewellery worn as a means of self-expression, Odistudio’s one-of-a-kind pieces are the perfect gift idea for someone special who loves the sentiment that can be found in carefully thought-out jewellery.

Head over to their website or Instagram to see more of their amazing works.

Ishi Ishi

Homemade sustainable and organic candles


Ishi Ishi started as a passion project by the oh-so-talented 12-year-old Salma!

Salma wanted to create high-quality, eco-friendly candles so she could donate to good causes, and she’s done just that with Ishi Ishi. Each candle is made in small batches, with only the finest ingredients sourced sustainably and ethically.

The amount of attention that goes into each candle, from production to shipping, makes Ishi Ishi the perfect gift to show your gratitude to candle-obsessed loved ones!

The Unwrapped Store

Vegan and ethical self-care gift idea


Unwrapped creates ‘UAE homegrown’ eco-friendly, ethical and vegan artisanal soap and body care products - perfect for friends and family who love a little self-care. With calming concoctions like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and Bergamot they smell delicious! And if you think flower bouquets are old school, maybe a bouquet of homemade soaps, body lotion, and relaxing candles can change your gifting game.

To order and discover more, head over to their Instagram.

Avantcha Tea

The perfect gift for tea lovers in Dubai


You can never go wrong with artisanal tea gift packages and Avantcha Tea has some amazing aromatic signature blends that tea connoisseurs will love, such as dates and sandalwood and refreshing Moroccan mint.

This tea boutique also sells high-end teaware so there really is something for everyone, from ceramic cups and teapots to matcha bamboo whisks.

Avantcha Tea can be found online on their website or Instagram.

Table & Tulip

Unique flower bouquets in the UAE

Who doesn’t love receiving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? They instantly bring beauty and joy into the home. If you’re looking for bouquets that will show someone just how much you love them, look no further than Table & Tulip who create bold, beautiful and quirky thematic flower arrangements.

Post My Gift

One-stop website for last minute gifts in Dubai


Not a fan of wandering around shops and prefer to shop online? Check out Post My Gift’s one-stop website. It's simple: choose your products, select your box and card, pick your delivery date, and their team handles the rest.

You can choose from a wide range of products, from ceramic mugs and aromatherapy candles to espresso makers and leather goods. Still can’t decide what to get? Then just head over to their pre-built gifts menu and you’re all set.

Post My Gift also offers free delivery and a 4-hour delivery guarantee within Dubai. How convenient is that?

Oka Ceramics

Handmade ceramic gifts in the UAE

Ceramics are a fantastic gift idea because they can be used for a lifetime if they’re looked after carefully, and your loved ones will think of you every time they have coffee in their favourite new mug.

If you’re in the UAE, be sure to check out Oka Ceramic Studio. Their pieces are beautifully minimalistic and earthy so they’ll complement any aesthetic. If your loved one enjoys experiences and getting creative you could also book them into one of their pottery classes! There’s something really special about creating something from hand to treasure.

Antipodean Co.

Sustainable swimwear brand in the UAE

Antipodean Co. (that’s us!) is all about sustainable swim shorts that show off people’s playful side. Our fun prints are hand-drawn and our shorts are made from recycled plastics to help keep our beautiful beaches clean. Plus, with every purchase, we donate 5% of profits to Conservation International, so you can feel good about giving a gift that gives back to the planet, too!

Check out our men's, women's, boys’ and matchy-matchy family collections or follow us on instagram for the latest updates.

Handmade Bags by Poli Ocean

Gorgeous handmade crochet gifts in the UAE

Polina Merdinova is the crotchet-talent behind Poli Ocean - she hand-makes custom-designed crochet bags, hats, and cardigans with love and ‘never makes the same piece twice’, so your gift will truly be one of a kind!

If you want to gift your special someone something extra personalized, you can ask Polina to create a ‘made by order’ design and choose the pattern and yarn colours to match their personalities!

Guillermina Handmade

Homemade decorative candles in the UAE

These artisanal candles are so pretty you almost don’t want to light them! Made by Guilermina in her own home, these deliciously scented candles come with natural “toppings” such as dried flowers and citrus fruits for a lovely decorative flair.

We know your loved one will enjoy lighting one of these as part of their nighttime routine.

My Farm Dubai

Organic farm and pantry goods gift box in Dubai

This is your sign to show some love to the master chef who cooks up a storm for you.

My Farm Dubai sells a wide range of farm-fresh, pesticide-free fruits, veggies, and herbs sourced directly from local farmers. They also offer a collection of pantry goods that are organic and sustainably sourced. Get their “gift box” for a curated box of goods that your special someone would really appreciate.

It’s the intention that counts and your special someone will appreciate your thought no matter what! Write something cute in a card with one of these thoughtful sustainable gift ideas and you won’t only be making your loved one's day, but also the people who pour passion into their small local businesses.

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