What People Are Saying

Man in antipodean pants with a coconut above his head

“I have a lot of swimming-esque shorts and these are by far superior.”

— Marc D R, Perth, Australia

“In love with the prints and bought two pairs as gifts. Super impressed with the quality!! Hope there are matching women’s cuts soon!”

— Sara A P, Singapore

“The shorts feel like high quality, custom made tailored swim shorts. I was particularly impressed with the fit and the length of the shorts. They also feel very comfortable to spend a casual day in. The fabric and quality of the print gives the shorts a luxurious look and feel. I already bought two pairs and am definitely going for a third - thank you Antipodean Co!”

— Sharaf A H, Abu Dhabi

“They look well made, print looks cute.”

— Margaret A, Singapore

“After wearing the Antipodean Co. swimming shorts on the beach for the first time, I was impressed by the quality given that it is made from recycled fabric as it feels very smooth and comfortable on the skin. I also like the design cut and quirky tropical prints. Highly recommended and looking forward to my next Antipodean Co shorts”

— Loui H, Dubai