14 International Sustainable Brands to Inspire a Greener Lifestyle!

14 International Sustainable Brands to Inspire a Greener Lifestyle!

Join us on a journey around the globe as we celebrate 14 sustainable lifestyle brands that are making waves in the world of eco-conscious living! From fashion to home goods, these brands are paving the way for a more sustainable future with their innovative approaches to production, materials, and ethical practices.

Whether you're a seasoned eco-warrior or just dipping your toes into sustainable living, this list is sure to inspire and empower you to make greener choices in your everyday life.

Yes! Definitely Bottled Water

Beautiful recycled reusable water bottles designed to last and celebrate artists.

Sadly, once plastic is made, it’s here for the long run, fortunately, it’s one of the easiest materials to recycle so we need to stop creating it and start repurposing it. Yes!Definitely’s solution to plastic pollution is to make bottles made from recycled plastic and collaborate with illustrators to create bottles that people want to keep and reuse for years to come!

YesDefinitely is available both online via Takealot and IRL at their stockists in South Africa, where they are based, and internationally in the UK and UAE. They've grown a very fun community on Instagram that you can join to learn more.

ARDH Collective

UAE-based manufacturer on a mission to connect people with sustainable materials.

ARDH Collective is famously known for its innovative material called DATEFORM, a building material made from discarded date seeds!

After hundreds of tests and years of experience, they’ve produced flagship materials including the ‘DATEFORM sheet’ that can be used for countertops to flooring systems and furniture, RAMEL bricks, and our personal favourite - DateBrew! A delicious coffee alternative made from “the finest date seeds, expertly roasted to unveil their rich and intricate flavour profile.”

Keen to try a cup? Shop it on their website or order from one of our favourite neighbouring cafes, Village Tuckshop! (Speaking of, have you checked out our ‘Favorite concept stores in the UAE’ post yet?)

Blue Land

A sustainable home essential brand without single-use plastic

After learning that plastic pollution was contaminating our water supplies and “generating microplastics in the water and food she was feeding her baby, Sarah set about creating the B-Corp-certified Blue Land a one-stop shop for household products that use eco-ingredients and packaging.

This USA-based sustainable home essential brand really does make keeping our homes and planet clean easy! Check out their Instagram to join the movement and enjoy some great info-graphics.

Who Gives a Crap

Sustainable toilet paper brand with fun designs and an incredible impact.

Who Gives a Crap makes 100% bamboo & recycled toilet paper and their quirky branding took the internet by storm a few years ago. Can you imagine, viral toilet paper!?

But what we love most about them is their commitment to ensuring everyone gets ‘access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime.’ 50% of their profits are donated to support WASH, an acronym that stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, an initiative building sanitised toilets in remote areas. To learn more about this initiative, check out their website.

Who Gives A Crap is Australia-based, where they can deliver to your door, but also deliver to a bunch of countries in Europe as well as to the UK and US!

by Humankind

A US-based sustainable personal care brand

by Humankind think “Great personal care products don’t have to come at Earth’s expense”, and we couldn’t agree more! This USA-based sustainable personal care brand has created refillable personal care products that are ‘kinder to your body and our planet,’ and their subscription service makes it easy to schedule your refills and reduce your plastic footprint. Less single-use plastic - Yey!

Nimble Activewear

Aussie women's activewear made from sustainable materials

Made by women to empower women, that’s Nimble. Founded by two high school best friends with a shared passion for uplifting movement and quality activewear that helps women feel motivated, strong, happy, and healthy.

Sustainability is a value they actively aim to improve every year. In 2017, they began creating their activewear from recycled plastic bottles (just like us), and recently, they’ve been experimenting with CiCLO fibres!

Nimble also organizes regular workout classes and community events that you can join in Australia, and they also ship internationally. Schedules are available on their website and Instagram!


Sustainable luggage and bags inspired by remote lifestyles from USA

Solgaard launched the famous ‘Lifepack,’ a solar-powered, anti-theft backpack, complete with a Bluetooth speaker and retractable cable lock back in 2016. Genius! Now they’ve expanded their line to support you in your adventurous endeavors using innovative materials that are kinder to Mother Earth, from Shore-Tex to Recycled Polycarbonate, and while they are US based, they also ship to Canada and Mexico, too!

On top of that, for every item sold Solgaard helps to clean up 6 lbs of ocean-bound plastic from coastal communities throughout the world.

To learn more about their missions, check out their website.

Avocado Green Mattress

Naturally-made, sustainable and ethical bedding and mattresses in The USA.

Avocado is one of the few mattress brands in the world that meet the MADE SAFE standards, meaning that they’re made with the best natural materials, from organic wool to cotton. They’re certified B Corp and Climate Neutral certified and on a mission to be the ‘world’s most sustainable’ mattress company.

You can explore their organic bedding, mattresses and furniture so you can rest easy on their website.


All the way from Netherlands, a city e-bike that lasts

With a tagline as strong as “Fast food, fast fashion? VanMoof bikes are a different kind of fast... and they're built to last a lifetime,” how could these e-bikes not catch our attention!? For all the urban commuters reading this post Vanmoof is surely the perfect companion for you. Made with the latest tech, integrated theft defence systems, and tough exteriors these e-bikes are made to stay on the road longer for a greener commute and we love that!

Emeco Chairs

A sustainable chair and furniture brand from USA since 1944

This post is all about sharing conscious brands that are on a mission for a more sustainable future, and this furniture company have been on that path since 1944!

Emeco’s story started from building the 1006 Navy Chair designed to survive life on a ship and their mission to take leftovers to keep them out of oceans and landfills and turn them into something that will stand the test of time hasn’t changed since.

Perfect for homes and businesses like cafes and coworking spaces - they’re a must-see for anyone doing a little decor in the US or Europe at the moment!

Because You Care

Eco-friendly laundry brand made in Dubai

Laundry is a chore everyone must do, it’s boring, we know! But it’s one of those small frequent habits that when done mindfully can make a huge impact! ‘Because You Care’ is an eco-friendly Dubai-based laundry brand that takes care of your clothes, your skin, and the environment!

So, if you’re into supporting small local brands here in the UAE and making small changes that are better for the planet, then switching to a more sustainable laundry routine with Because You Care is an easy move to make.

If you want more sustainable laundry tips check out our blog post with ways to care for your clothes so they last longer.

The ECOBOARD Project by Sustainable Surf

Sustainable boards for the board-riding community

As one of the biggest surfing communities in the world, the ECOBOARD Project was initiated to invite the ‘board-riding community to build, buy, and ride high-performing sustainable boards’.

They make riding waves more sustainably easy with their ECOBOARD Certification Levels - the higher the level, the more impact those boards have. You can choose the level on the “Get an Ecoboard” menu on their website, and whether you want a surf, SUP, wake, or windboard, and it will point you to the brands in your corner of the world that meet the criteria you’re looking for. Pretty neat, huh?

Want some fun sustainable swim shorts to wear while you’re riding the waves? We’ve got you covered!

Odis Studio

Minimalistic and sustainable jewellery brand

We love cheering on other small local sustainable businesses based in the UAE so we had to add Odis Studio to the list! Odis Studio is a contemporary handmade jewellery brand inspired by architectural concepts, expressing emotion and owning fewer, better things.

Odis has a great ethical approach putting “quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption, fair wages above profits, sustainability above mass production and transparency above everything.”

You can explore their collection on their website and they ship worldwide.

Antipodean Co.

Sustainable swim shorts made from upcycled plastic bottles

We are Antipodean Co. - a sustainable swim shorts brand born out of Australia and based in UAE designed to show off your fun personality, help keep our oceans clean and stand the test of time. We wanted to make a product that was not just fun and up-lifting to those wearing them, but go further and make swim shorts and socks in a way that minimises our impact on the environment, and ensures that the people making our swim shorts benefit from a fair wage and acceptable working conditions.

5% of the profits made on our shorts are donated to Conservation International and our socks are made in collaboration with Health Seas to help clean up our oceans, one fishing line at a time.

Small choices can make a big difference. From supporting fair trade practices to using renewable resources, each brand on this list is contributing to a more sustainable future in its unique way. We hope this trek around the globe exploring sustainable brands helped inspire you to seek out and support businesses where you are that align with your values and to consider the impact of your purchasing decisions. What are some of your favourite sustainable brands where you're based that you’d add to the list?

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