IG accounts with kid-worthy activities to follow in the UAE

IG accounts with kid-worthy activities to follow in the UAE

As a hub of diverse cultures and communities, there are a lot of fun activities your kids can enjoy around the UAE. Here’s a list of community-based accounts you should check out for the most interesting events and gatherings in town! 

British Mums Dubai (@british_mums)

british mums dubai trampoline park party for kids

British Mums Dubai organize gatherings for expat families living in the area, including kids’ activities where they can meet new friends and have fun being active! From toddler play dates to trampoline park parties, there’s always something for kids of all ages.

The fun doesn’t end there because they host some pretty fancy giveaways to join, too. Imagine winning leisure memberships for the family at a 5-star resort, or a free gymnastics or football summer camp for your little ones! Yup, British Mums Dubai is definitely worth checking out!

Stay in the loop on their Instagram or website.

Maison Tini Events (@tini.events)

maison tini events' creative workshops and classes for kids of all age

If your kids love doing art, then Maison Tini Events’ creative classes and workshops are the one! Think of a kid-friendly DIY studio where they can cut and glue discarded cardboard into mini-sized buildings, enjoy messy sensory play sessions, and even art therapy.

One of their signature activities is “tini-preneurs”, held during weekends, where kids can have their own tiny stalls, sell their own crafts, and work towards their saving goals. No pressure of course, just for fun and oh-so cute!

Maison Tini also hosts regular parent support groups, where experts, moms, and dads can come together to swap thoughts and insights on being a parent.

Follow them on Instagram for up-to-date session schedules.

Abu Dhabi Review (@abudhabireview)

There’s always something happening in Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi Review is a great place to find them. Click the ‘Kids’ section on their website menu to find cool things you and your children can do around the capital and stay in the loop with events happening in Abu Dhabi through their Instagram.

The Mum Club (@themumclub)

the mum club's yoga with babies session

The Mum Club, “born out of a unique need for support throughout the monumental change that is motherhood,” is committed to making mums’ lives easier, including organizing fun activities that your kids will love! Little playdate sessions, from cute cafes to the park, are held at regular TMC meet-ups where they take care of everything, including your little ones, so it’s a fun time for all!

Dubai moms, go follow @themumclub.dubai and for global events follow @themumclub, or check out their membership plans online for upcoming community events.

The Nature Fair (@thenaturefair

the nature fair at dubai with many art and craft acitivities for kids

Think of a well-rounded, family-friendly, outdoor art and wellness festival, et voila! You have The Nature Fair! Held every two months at Nature Escapes, Al Barari, kids of all ages can join a wide array of activities here, from fun science workshops and interactive music sessions, to dance, yoga, bubble shows with fairies and arts & crafts… the list goes on. There really is something for everyone to enjoy!

For more details, visit their Instagram or website.

Yalla Abu Dhabi (@yallaabudhabi)

Yalla Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular Abu Dhabi city guides and has an abundance of great things to do with your loved ones in the ‘Family & Entertainment’ section of yallaabudhabi.ae. They also hold regular giveaways, with some seriously fun prizes like free staycations and tickets to the city’s biggest winter fest… May the luckiest parents win!

Follow them on social media here.

Cubs & Coffee (@cubsandcoffee_

cubs and coffee is a laid-back mums and mums-to-be meet ups. they also host some interesting kids' activities

Cubs & Coffee hold weekly laid-back meet-ups for mums and mums-to-be at Art Market on Yas Bay Waterfront, and beyond this host events too. Some for you, like their previous ‘Mindset Shifts for Empowered Parents’ workshop, and some for your little ones such as the Kindermusik Session held a while back which was designed to develop balance, imagination and listening skills.

The perfect community for you and your little ones to meet new friends and swap stories over coffee.

Find them on Instagram for more.

Abu Dhabi Events (@abudhabievents)

Just as their display name suggests, Abu Dhabi Events is the place to go to fill up your calendar, and their ‘Family’ highlight on Instagram has some fantastic ideas for fun weekends with the kids.

Time Out Abu Dhabi (@timeoutabudhabi)

Add Timeout Abu Dhabi to your following list on IG for a front-row seat to the best in art, entertainment, food, drink, attractions, and things to do in the capital. Your kids will thank you later!  

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